Nuotolinė sprogstamųjų medžiagų neutralizavimo sistema RENS yra naujoviškas nuotoliniu būdu valdomas sprendimas, skirtas saugiai išjungti įprastines ir savadarbes chemines, biologines, radiologines, branduolines ir sprogstamąsias medžiagas (CBRN/E-CBRN), savadarbius sprogstamuosius įtaisus (IED), savadarbius TATP, nesprogusius ginklus. (UXO) arba atliekant kitas EOD operacijas. Sistema sukurta su visiškai automatizuotomis funkcijomis, kurios leidžia nuotoliniu būdu montuoti, išardyti ir ištirti viduje esančius konteinerius ir sprogstamas medžiagas.


  • Robust aluminum frame
  • Fully automated arms and grip
  • High torque precise motor
  • Explosive investigation container
  • Wireless control and video
  • LWired control and video (90 m cables)
  • Remote control unit with real time video



RENS is designed to neutralize – separate container and detonating fuse of the conventional ammunition and improvised explosive devices containing CBRN materials. All operations are automated and remotely performed in chosen secured area. System is also capable to open suspicious industrial and improvised containers with hazardous materials.

EOD (conventional weaponry, UXO)

System allow to perform Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) operations when its required to disarm conventional and Unexploded Ordnance (UXO) – remove detonating fuse from grenades, mortar mines, artillery projectiles and aviation bombs. Operations can be done directly at former conflict zones or populated areas when performing UXO disposal operations.
RENS also contains automated features for forensic tasks when its required to investigate illegally held or transported conventional and UXO ammunition.


ystem is an important tool for mitigating terrorism threats. t allows not only remote and safe disarm operations of IED – tube bombs and other HME explosives, but also forensic operations when its required to preserve all evidence. RENS is capable to operate with solid, powder and liquid materials Automated tilting features enables to pour out and investigate contents of the explosive in specially designed stainless-steel container.


  • Fully automated wired or wireless remote operations – system automatically adjusts, centers and fixates explosive device using 6 highly sensitive independent servo motors
  • Remote controlled horizontal axis allows precise grip positioning
  • Pneumatic grips are used for reliable and gentle fixation of detonating fuse
  • Flexible mounting arms support wide range of explosives, Conus shaped projectiles, Cylinder shaped IED
  • Pneumatic grips
  • After removing detonating fuse of the explosive, system allow pull back the device to safe distance
  • Remote controlled vertical axis allow operator to pour out explosive material to removable steal container – operator can assure safety before entering premises

All operations are made remotely using real time


  • Wired and wireless operations

  • Portable remote-control unit (Peli case)

  • Integrated 6inch touch screen

  • Real time video transmission

  • Physical buttons for sensitive disarm operations

  • Quick mount connectors for reliable setup

  • Additional wired remote-control unit – mirrors all buttons in 2 meters distance

  • Full HD video stream


  • System equipped wired remote-control unit – safe, RF free operations

  • All system modules are equipped with emergency stop buttons

  • Fully automated remote operations


  • Laser (red/green)
  • Power generator
  • Thermal camera
  • Mounting on robotic platforms